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About BienVenue

Our Story BienVenue was born with busy people in mind. People like us, who know how to get stuff done, but sometimes can be too busy to organize our own events.

We figured there are other hard-working people out there who could use a little help in this department. So we created this online marketplace to feature the best venues in the city, together with our top caterers, mixologists, décor experts, entertainers, photographers — the whole nine yards. An event in a box, if you will. (Except a lot of our ideas live distinctly OUT of the box.)

Our Clients. We know who you are. You’re decisive, selective with an overwhelming desire to do everything, and to do it well. As you know, even the best intentions don’t always become reality — mostly because there aren’t enough hours in the day. That's where we come in!

Our Experience.  We are event experts. After doing it for nearly 40 years, who wouldn’t be? We do this all day, everyday, and we have the inside scoop on the best places to hold a meeting, surprise your team, or throw an awesome party. We take those venues and add the elements to the tiniest detail that take your event to the next level. We call it our je ne sais quoi.  

Our Commitment.  No hidden fees, we've asked all the right advance questions. You'll enjoy your event experience because we're onsite to manage the small – and big – stuff for you.  

Giving Back.  Events are more enjoyable when you know when we give back to our community. 1% of BienVenue's quarterly net profits go directly to supporting Mary's Place — because every child and family deserves a home.   

Meet Our Leadership

Marka Waechter

Marka Waechter

Marka Waechter, CEO of BienVenue and SHW Marka Waechter joined the Seattle Hospitality Group of Companies as CEO in 2014, bringing with her over 25 years of experience in leadership and organizational development. Marka's success is built on her passion for building collaborative teams and win-win customer relationships. She has a proven track record of identifying industry trends and technologies to deliver best-in-class products and services while driving cultural change and innovation.

Marka began in the airline industry, as a flight attendant and sales rep, then landed at Metropolitan Travel. During her tenure as President & CEO, the company experienced extraordinary growth. The company was recognized by Puget Sound Business Journal as a "Best Company to Work For." Metropolitan Travel was acquired by Expedia in 2002.

In 1999, inspired by a Bill Gates speech, Marka co-founded Highwire, Inc., which developed and delivered one of the initial web-based corporate travel management tools, adopted early by many Fortune 100 firms. Highwire was acquired by Cendant in 2001. For her role in this industry-leading development, Marka was recognized by Business Travel News as one of the "Top 25 Most Influential Executives" and by Travel Agent Magazine as one of the "Most Powerful Women in Travel." 

Marka leads the SHW Strategy Development team by leveraging her first-hand experience developing successful companies, coupled with her years of consulting and coaching for various organizations. Her unique approach engages team members, teaches empathy, and stresses the importance of aligning core values for organizational success.

Marka has been active in Seattle-area philanthropy since her 20s, and served with various non-profits. She currently serves on the boards of Mary’s Place and 5th Avenue Theatre. She is a graduate of the University of Washington with a BA in Psychology.

Anne Hulett

Anne Hulett

Anne Hulett, Chief Event Curator of BienVenue Anne has worked in senior product and marketing positions for over 15 years leading results-driven initiatives for early stage startups as well as Expedia, Inc., and Marchex. Anne offers a unique blend of strategic marketing and product knowledge and creativity. She is passionate about creating unique and exclusive events. Anne loves to run, play tennis, travel, seek out new experiences in Seattle, and spend quality time with her family. She graduated from California Polytechnic University with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition. 


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