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Anne Hulett

We created a magical evening last night at the Beecher’s Loft, one of Seattle’s hidden gems, throwing an unforgettable surprise 75th birthday party for 23 guests.  The sunny, clear weather added a stunning backdrop through the floor to ceiling windows overlooking the famous Pike Place Market, sparkling Pudget Sound and the Olympic Mountains beyond.

Beecher’s Loft is one of Seattle’s most unique venues.  It is perched above Beecher’s Handmade Cheese in the heart of the celebrated Pike Place Market and the perfect refuge to host private gatherings and parties.  Adjacent to the Inn at the Market in Post Alley, you access the loft through a private coded and unmarked door, you feel mysterious and privileged sliding in.  Then up a flight of stairs and into a jaw dropping space, ideal for surprise parties and wowing your guests.

With western exposure, you can capture Seattle’s beautiful sunset and the sophisticated interiors harmoniously blend the exposed beams and iron rusted counters with warm wood floors, custom furnishings and hand-tufted rugs.  Luxury comforts include a long wood dining  table, state-of-the-art, full-size kitchen, spacious living room, and a private balcony.  Minimal décor is needed to create a celebratory experience and the ambiance is already set into the venue itself.  A few gorgeous floral arrangements, a handmade 75 years loved sign, custom matches and gift bags were placed around the space to add some special touches to the evening.

The night kicked off with a cocktail hour, guests enjoyed the view, custom music, appetizers and cocktails from the hosted bar.  A server floated around the room asking for drink orders and passing out champagne for a beautiful birthday toast as guests watched the sunset.  Then the evening moved into a seated 3-course dinner party as the private chef cooked up delicious dishes for them in the loft’s kitchen.  The dinner menu included King Salmon, Mishima Reserve Five Star New York Steak, Beecher’s Mac and Cheese, and Market Fresh Salads and Sides.  A beautiful, custom carrot cake with fabulous gold touches completed the meal.

After dinner, guests continued to enjoy the space listening to music, watching a slide show made for the guest of honor on the loft’s big screen and enjoying beverages.  The loft also has a bedroom attached to it behind huge sliding doors that the host can stay overnight in after their guests have left and dream about the memorable evening and guaranteed lovely time had by all.

Let us re-create this dreamy experience for you.  We handle all of the details so you can enjoy the party.  View our Beecher’s Loft Private Dinner sample package here.

The 2018 Emerald List

Anne HulettComment
The Cabin @ Scout PNW

The Cabin @ Scout PNW

This is our list of the best private event venues in Seattle, the ones that have our heart and keep us coming back for more.  The following precious gem venues exceed our emerald standard of value, exclusivity, allure, understated glamour, graceful touches, and panache.  Each one hand selected by our event experts and delivering notable, personalized VIP experiences.

10 degrees     Capitol Hill | Seattle

Axis Pioneer Square     Pioneer Square | Seattle

Bar Melusine     Capitol Hill | Seattle

Beecher's Loft     Pike Place Market | Seattle

Black Bottle     Belltown | Seattle

Canlis     Queen Anne | Seattle

Canvas Event Space     SODO | Seattle

Four Seasons Seattle     Downtown | Seattle

General Porpoise     Capitol Hill | Seattle

Glassy Baby Madrona     Madrona | Seattle

Heartwood Provisions     Downtown | Seattle

Hot Stove Society     Downtown | Seattle

Industrious     Downtown | Seattle

Lark     Capitol Hill | Seattle

Matt's in the Market     Pike Place Market | Seattle

Palace Kitchen     Downtown | Seattle

Pike Street Supper Club     Capitol Hill | Seattle

Sanctuary at Admiral     West Seattle | Seattle

Scout PNW     Belltown | Seattle

Seattle Art Museum     Downtown | Seattle

Smith Tower     Downtown | Seattle

Staple and Fancy     Ballard | Seattle

Stealhead Diner     Pike Place Market | Seattle

Tavolàta     Belltown | Seattle

The Admiral's House     Magnolia | Seattle

The Nest     Belltown | Seattle

The Olympic Sculpture Park     Waterfront | Seattle

The VUDE     South Lake Union | Seattle

Westward     Lake Union | Seattle

World Trade Center Seattle     Waterfront | Seattle


The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Cocktail Party

Anne Hulett
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.jpg

Want to captivate your crowd like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel does? The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, a popular Amazon television series, follows a charming 1950’s housewife of New York City and is filled with incredible style, allure, guilty pleasures, and humor. Look no further for your next party idea, we have put together a 1950’s cocktail lounge party inspired by The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel that is lavishly triumphant.


There are 5 key areas to focus on when hosting a successful party. You need to pick the right venue (think different, private and sexy), focus on creating a sophisticated yet casual ambience, put together an eclectic guest list, dress the part, and serve amazing, interesting and easily accessible food and drinks. Here are guidelines and ideas for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Cocktail Party with undeniable flair highlighting these 5 party perfect elements.


Pick an exclusive venue that represents an upper west side apartment and pair it with elegant 1950s interior design. Make sure your venue is private, unique and gives a sense of privileged access.


Create a sophisticated environment that is not pretentious. You want to paint your venue with glamor and leisure luxury while making your guests feel cozy, playful and comfortable at the same time. Dim the lights, play lounge and jazz music and sprinkle your space with fresh flowers and vintage chic furniture and décor (pillows, chairs, lamps, fancy ashtrays).

Guest List:

Don’t just invite your besties, invite people you find interesting, but may not know that well. Think of which guests will connect and network together that may not run into each other during their daily routine.  If you have time or can outsource, send out a real invitation in the mail like a hostess would have done during the fifties. Your guest list will appreciate the invite more and your party will stand out amongst others. A fun touch is to put a guest book by the bar or in the bathroom for guests to share thoughts and comments.


Encourage guests to dress the part. Men can wear dress pants, button-down shirts with skinny ties and a sport coat or vintage style suits.  Women can wear pencil skirts and sweater sets or 1950’s cocktail dresses with matching gloves, pumps, pearls and showy cocktail rings. 

Food & Drinks:

Most cocktail parties in the fifties included platters of bite-sized appetizers and desserts. Hire servers to pass around food and have a few self-serve food stations set up with vintage plates and utensils. Some menu ideas are fondue, smoked salmon canapés, cheese logs, stuffed mushrooms, shrimp cocktail, deviled eggs and lobster sliders.

Have a hosted full bar with classic cocktails and a bar cart on display for a self-serve option. Feature a signature drink such as the Gaslight:


  • 1 Dash Orange Curacao
  • 1 Part Scotch Whisky
  • ⅓ Part Sweet vermouth
  • 2 Dashes Whisky/Honey Liqueur 
  • 1 Twist Orange

     How to mix: 

  • Fill a rocks glass with ice cubes. Add all ingredients. Garnish with an orange slice.

Also include a mocktail option available in a vintage punch serving bowl and have the bar stocked with swizzle sticks, garnishes, lowball glasses, champagne glasses, and vintage cocktail napkins.


If you start planning now, you may be the first to host The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Cocktail Party. Bonuses to the party would be live comedy entertainment, open mic, kosher wine or a makeup counter. You can keep this one on the simpler side or go big. If you go big, end the night with “My name is Mrs. Maisel, thank you and good night!”!


1950’s cocktail lounge parties inspired by The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel will be available for purchase soon on  Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know when these event packages are released.


Need help with your next party?  Call The Party Whisperer at 206-351-2798.







Photos by Amazon Studios

Top 4 Reasons Corporate Retreats Drive Success

Anne Hulett

Retreats are a growing trend in the corporate world and organically open the door to learning more about the people you work with. Put the work pressure on hold and take your team out of the office for at least 24 hours to build a successful culture together offsite.  Changing pace with a retreat will re-energize your team, inspire new ideas and shared goals, encourage cross-departmental collaboration and strengthen internal bonds.  Here are the top 4 reasons to host a corporate retreat.

1.    Re-charge

Re-charge with your team.  Don’t only be around your team when you are hustling to meet deadlines and burned out from the work week.  A retreat can be a well needed breath of fresh air for your company.  It’s in a company’s best interest to meet their employee’s health and happiness needs in order to accomplish successful long-term growth and performance.  Plan a few activities, but make sure to incorporate down time.  Get your team in a relaxed space so they can step out of the details and think big-picture for the future.

2.    Encourage Cross-departmental Collaboration

Improving cross-departmental teamwork creates positive change that deeply impacts the culture of your organization.  Many people feel uncomfortable working with members from other teams and will avoid cross-departmental interaction in the office so it is critical to develop these interdepartmental relationships in an unavoidable and less intimidating environment that can be carried back into the office.  A lot of times the main issue blocking growth and success is directly related to interdepartmental challenges so it needs to be addressed.  Communication on a retreat can be free flowing without any distractions.

3.    Inspire New Ideas and Shared Goals

Corporate retreats bring focus to collaborative thinking and creative energy.  Employees will bond in a relaxed environment with open communication making a corporate retreat the perfect time to start forming fresh input and ideas on new company goals and objectives. Taking the input from employees into consideration when forming the new business strategy will help them form a stronger connection with the company and work harder towards a shared goal.

One of the most positive outcomes from a corporate retreat is the amount of creativity that is unlocked when people are able to leave the office and focus on overcoming problems, thinking of new ideas and viewpoints, and creating solutions for any business challenges.

Steve Jobs dedicated the final day of his “Top 100” retreat to idea generation. He hosted an open session asking for creative input into product ideas and narrowed the input down to just 3 ideas which would then be further investigated. This type of activity works well in the free flowing creative environment of a corporate retreat.

There has been a big trend in companies using business retreats to give their employees time to evaluate the workplace model and to think creatively about what could be improved as well as creating new concepts for new product ideas. 

4.    Opportunity for Team Building and Bonding

One of the best ways to bring a team together and make people feel like they are part of a family is to bring them on a corporate retreat. People may work together for an organization for years, but as soon as they participate in a fun offsite retreat, new and everlasting bonds are formed.

Research has shown that people are their true selves when they are relieved from pressure. Corporate retreats help alleviate pressure that may exist in the work environment and give your employees the opportunity to open up.

Team building activities that are actually enjoyable can do a lot for your company. They can push the idea to your employees that they are all in this together. During stressful times at the office, this can mean a great deal.  Higher a team building consultant to put together a fun game for your team onsite where your retreat is taking place.

A retreat is the best way for people to spend quality time together and break down barriers between individuals.  Having your team take a personality test together, such as DISC, is a fun and easy way to get to know yourself better and connect and identify with the people you work with.

Team building efforts establish trust, mitigate conflict, encourage communication, and increase collaboration. The most successful, memorable and enjoyable team building activities are ones that don’t feel like a day at the office.  Spending time together, sharing an experience or working towards a common goal allows bonding to happen more organically and far more effectively.

Corporate retreats are also an excellent way to reward your employees and show them that they are loved and appreciated. On corporate retreats, management can express their gratitude toward their employees through several thoughtful activities.  With a minimally formal agenda, retreats can be a chance to hang out as a group, laugh, and talk to each other. These events are a way to show value to employees and to just generally have a good time.  In turn, this will naturally have a positive effect on productivity and decrease turnover.

These are all things to keep in mind as you consider your first or next corporate retreat which is guaranteed to have a positive impact on your employees and on your business. If your team is in need of a corporate retreat, we can help.  Check out our corporate retreat package available for purchase here or email us at and we can put together a custom corporate retreat package for you.

Top 5 Reasons to Host your Holiday Party in January

Holiday Party, Seattle Events, New Year PartyAnne Hulett
Seattle private holiday party

The holiday season is in full swing and we don’t want you to miss your opportunity to shine merry and bright as the hostess with the mostess.  Is planning a holiday party still on your “to do” list or do you feel like you should host a holiday party this year?  Instead of scrambling at the last-minute during the busy holiday season and competing for peak December dates, event hosts and planners should consider kicking off the new year with a stand out bash.

Hosting a “holiday” party in January may sound bizarre, but it is becoming a popular and smart trend.  Here are the top 5 reasons why it is best to hold off on your hosting duties until after Christmas and New Years have passed.

1.     Venue and Vendor Availability

Don’t be one of the many party planners worried about booking the perfect venue for the perfect date this year.  Booking your favorite venue and vendors during the high demand holiday season can be challenging for your date of choice before the New Year.  Popular venues get booked up fast and are often reserved as much as a year in advance. Even if you are able to book a spot on an off night, finding a date that works for all of your guests, vendors, and the venue is near impossible.  If you wait to host your party to kick-off January right, you’ll find the venue, vendor and date options endless.

2.     Increased Attendance

December schedules are already jam-packed with parties and family and friend obligations.  People start feeling the holiday party burnout around the third week in December.  Instead of squeezing in another traditional year-end bash, look ahead and plan an event to celebrate the New Year. When January hits, people are more rested, the holiday frenzy has settled down and people are more motivated to gather together welcoming events on their lighter social schedules.  You also have a better chance of getting more prominent guests at your party and less pop in and out attendees which is a different story in December.  Besides people actually being able to come to the event, it’s for everybody and more inclusive for those that don’t celebrate Christmas.

3.     Spend Less with a Bigger Budget

In addition to guest availability, companies and event planners have bigger budgets to work with in the New Year.  Venues and vendors are also less expensive in January so you can save money or spend more on making the party bigger and better.

4.     More Decorative Options

Hosting your party after the holidays opens up a lot of paths you can take for the event theme and style.  You aren’t restricted by the holidays and you can be the first host to incorporate 2018 event color and décor trends.

5.     Incorporate 2018 Event Trends

Here’s your opportunity to take your attendee experience to the next level and show your guests that you are up to date on the newest and most impressive event trends.  Incorporate trends that are popular New Year’s resolutions such as health, mindfulness, giving, gratitude and sustainability and you are guaranteed to receive bonus points and happy guests.

Top Event Trends in 2018:

·      Non-traditional locations and unique venues

·      Personalized and intimate experiences

·      Advanced event technology

·      Extravagant décor- balloons, mixing metals and millennial pink

·      Thoughtful sustainability

·      Nostalgia- connect emotionally

·      Custom and local elements

·      Incorporate mindfulness and leisure activities

Set a positive tone for the coming year and treat your event as a celebration of the holiday season closing.  Your guests will be more engaged and interested in relaxing and enjoying the party.

2018 Seattle Event Trends

We have two fabulous exclusive events planned for you in the Seattle area with January dates available:

  1. Lodges on Vashon Corporate Retreat
  2. World Trade Center Seattle Private Reception

‘Tis the Season to Celebrate! Secrets to Hosting a Last Minute Holiday Party

Holiday Party, Seattle EventsAnne HulettComment
Seattle Holiday Party

The holiday season is coming up quickly, and there’s a lot of pressure to host a great party. We get how easy it is to forget about it, or get too busy. You don’t have to stress though-- there’s still time to plan a holiday party that people will be talking about for years with some helpful tips from the pros here at SHW.

You can still get the perfect date, even at the last minute

You’d be surprised that several venues still have availability in December so don’t hesitate to ask hot spots in your area.  You can also explore doing a holiday luncheon instead of an evening event and inquire about other time slots on prime dates to host.  If December dates are full at your favorite venue, look into January dates.  Hosting a holiday party in January to kick off the New Year is becoming more popular since it doesn’t compete with guests’ holiday schedules and the holiday party rush.

Outsource, let the experts do all of the work

Use an event planning company.  They do this all day, everyday, and have the inside scoop on the best places to throw a party and the connections to lock in prime dates.  Take advantage of their deep industry relationships and experience to make holiday party procrastinators into heroes.

Purchase pre-planned holiday gatherings designed for people just like you! has already locked dates for you to choose from featuring exclusive Seattle venues that include all of your event essentials and standout holiday touches.

Choose nontraditional venues

Think outside the box and rent a loft, studio or warehouse space and focus on creating a festive and cozy atmosphere with décor, lighting, and music. 

Add unique holiday touches

You can add special touches to make your holiday party stand out and get your guests in the holiday spirit.  A few of our favorites are:

  • "Baby It's Cold Outside" Espresso and Hot Chocolate Bar 
  • Smore’s Bar 
  • Santa Claus Impersonator 
  • Christmas Carolers 
  • Snow Machine 
  • Ice Sculpture 
  • Novelty Gifts
  • Signature Holiday Cocktails

Are you planning a holiday party for your group in Seattle?  BienVenue just released this year’s lineup of professionally curated, no-stress holiday event packages with you in mind.  If planning a holiday party is still on your “to-do” list, BienVenue has you covered and handles everything for your special event (personal or corporate) from purchase to completion.    Their event experts are standing by to discuss the details of these amazing and seamless pre-planned holiday gatherings with you.

BienVenue Holiday Event Packages Available for Purchase:

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but we know it moves fast and understand the stress that can come with planning last minute holiday parties.  This year will be the holiday entertaining season that you actually enjoy just as much as your guests!

7 Best Rooftop Venues for Summer Entertaining in Seattle

Rooftop Venues, Seattle EventsAnne HulettComment
The Nest

The Nest

With summer in full swing, rooftop season has arrived for outdoor entertaining!  We are raising a glass to the top Seattle spots for hosting exclusive events in the sky. Rooftop venues offer first-class views that make for an extraordinary backdrop to any event. Here are the best rooftop hot spots you must consider when planning events this summer in Seattle.

1.    Thompson Hotel | The NestDowntown Seattle, Near Pike Place Market

The Nest, located at the top of Thompson Hotel in the heart of downtown Seattle, is an impressive rooftop stunner. This brilliant, 4,500 square foot space delivers an eyeful of the bay, Seattle’s iconic ferris wheel and the Olympic Mountains. You and your guests will enjoy the elegant outdoor setting, modern touches and beautiful view. It is the perfect spot for summer entertaining and can accommodate small groups or large buyouts for up to 250 guests.

The Nest View
The Nest

The Nest

The Nest

2.    Fremont Foundry | The Penthouse & Rooftop TerraceFremont Neighborhood of Seattle

Fremont Foundry is a unique venue that has preserved the origins of a working foundry and has become a Seattle cultural landmark. The sky-lit penthouse encompassed by glass doors and spacious rooftop terrace with sweeping views of North Seattle create an amazing spot for that swanky summer cocktail party you’ve been wanting to throw. The space can hold up to 300 guests standing and 200 guests seated.

Fremont Foundry |   Photo: Raeleen Shepard,  Fancy Fin Photography

Fremont Foundry | Photo: Raeleen Shepard, Fancy Fin Photography

3.    Hotel Sorrento | The PenthouseDowntown Seattle

Located on the seventh-floor of historic Hotel Sorrento, the Penthouse is a top- floor retreat with classy furniture, a rooftop deck and a dramatic view of the city. This venue is ideal for blue-sky champagne toasts, lovely sunset photos and dancing under the stars. The Sorrento’s superb food and beverage team will also customize a food and drink menu specifically to your taste.

Hotel Sorrento | The Penthouse

Hotel Sorrento | The Penthouse

4.    MbarSouth Lake Union Neighborhood of Seattle

The Mbar features an epic rooftop patio overlooking downtown Seattle, MoPop and Seattle Center, the Olympic Mountain Range, Queen Anne Hill, South Lake Union, and North Capitol Hill. This artful rooftop space is an amazing venue to host guests for a relaxing evening of modern Middle Eastern–meets-Mediterranean cuisine, specialty drinks & sweeping views. Treat your guests to an unforgettable night with a view of the sunset early in the evening followed by twinkling stars and city lights.




5.    WithinSodo | The Rooftop DeckSodo District of Seattle

WithinSodo is located in a blossoming industrial area less than a mile away from Century Link and Safeco fields and caters to almost any type of event you can imagine. The 3000 square foot rooftop deck includes a gas fireplace, outdoor heaters, cafe lights, a satellite bar with television, multiple seating areas, and gorgeous views of Seattle's skyline.

WithinSodo | The Rooftop Deck

WithinSodo | The Rooftop Deck

WithinSodo Deck

6.    Motif Seattle | Frolik Kitchen + CocktailsCentral Business District of Downtown Seattle

Located on the 5th floor of Motif Seattle, Frolik Kitchen + Cocktails is a vibrant and unique social experience. The rooftop bar boasts a spacious outdoor patio, fireplaces, shuffleboard, and modern lounges for you and your guests to enjoy. You can’t go wrong with this stylish, energized hangout featuring exquisite cocktails, Regional American menu with a Northwest Pacific flair and skyline views.

Frolik Patio
Frolik Kitchen + Cocktails

Frolik Kitchen + Cocktails

Frolik Patio

7.    Smith Tower | The Lookout Lounge & DeckPioneer Square Neighborhood of Seattle

Gather at Seattle’s original skyscraper for your next event. The experience begins the minute you and your guests enter the building and enjoy being whisked up to the twenty-second floor Lookout Lounge & Deck. This magnificent, contemporary space, accommodating up to 80 guests, offers a sleek interior lounge that transitions to a modern roof deck overlooking Seattle. The breathtaking views, gorgeous interior and divine service make for an impressive and unforgettable event.

Smith Tower View
Smith Tower | The Lookout Lounge & Deck

Smith Tower | The Lookout Lounge & Deck

Smith Tower Lookout

Want to host a spectacular event at one of these rooftop venues, but don’t want to do any of the work or don’t have the time? BienVenue is happy to plan it for you providing full event planning services by one of our expert event curators, exclusive access, trending event elements and preferred pricing.

Off the Grid Premier Team Building Experiences in Seattle

Team Building EventsAnne HulettComment

Team building is a critical component to the success of your company’s culture and performance. Cruise or fly away with your crew on these fun and unique team building experiences that are guaranteed to boost morale, foster collaboration and build bonds and trust between coworkers.


Team Building on the Water

Keep your team onboard and cruise with them to the next level of success.  Here are our top 3 team building activities that take place on Lake Union in Seattle.


Make a statement with a fun and interactive game show trivia party on the water. Impress your guests aboard the Celebrations vessel by Argosy Cruises with a 3 hour cruise on Lake Union and Lake Washington including delectable dishes, a full-service bar and a talented game show host to captivate your audience and keep you laughing throughout the entire event.  You can provide fun questions about your company that only your guests would know to customize the game show trivia experience.



Westward is the perfect spot to host a team luncheon and to hold corporate summertime celebrations of any kind. Your luncheon can include a creative water-inspired menu, oyster shucking, signature cocktails, and stunning views from the north end of Lake Union.  Electric boats are available for guests to take a spin around the lake from the restaurant’s dock!  



Take your crew out for something new and different.  The Electric Boat Company offers an on the water scavenger hunt that is competitive and exciting.  Your boats compete with one another to find various locations and points of interest on the lake and take pictures with cameras provided by The Electric Boat Company.  You can share catered food and beverages onboard, mingle in the relaxed atmosphere of their waterside yacht club for a catered lunch or dinner, or enjoy a bartended cocktail hour while traffic floats away.

Team Building in the Air

Another sense of adventure for your team is taking flight together.  Here are our top 2 team building ideas that get your team flying high.


Fly away at the Museum of Flight and enjoy a night with your guests traveling through time in the Museum of Flight's Aviation Pavilion.  The Pavilion is a covered, outside gallery with 19 rare and unique commercial and military airplanes. The 3-acre display focuses on the dramatic development of large aircraft and commercial airliners from the 1930s to the present.  Enjoy a casual reception with food and beverages or a fancy evening starting with a cocktail reception next to the first jet Air Force One and ending with an aerial show and views of the first Boeing jets.

The Museum of Flight can also bring in Geoteaming, a company that specializes in corporate team building that uses technology and adventure to create breakthroughs and results.  Their signature product is a high-tech adventure using GPS devices, digital cameras and smart phones to navigate teams through an obstacle course of virtual, physical and cerebral challenges that get participants’ minds and bodies moving.

Or if you want to be extravagant, the Museum of Flight offers aircraft fly-ins!  Fly into your event in your own aircraft.  You can land at Boeing Field and park on the Museum’s ramp.


Northwest Floatplane Picnics has teamed up with Kenmore Air to provide an unforgettable remote picnic on a beach accessible only by air or sea.  Take your team to discover the perfect picnic setting with gourmet food, a scenic seaplane ride and a custom-made day at the beach.  Group activities include volleyball and Frisbee competitions, scavenger hunts, and survivor type seminars. 

3 reasons why adding a boat or a plane to the mix is better than just a land venue for corporate events:

1.    They give you a sense of getting away from the city with your team and create a memorable experience.

2.    You are placed in a secluded place with your coworkers, there is no escape from bonding and building connections.

3.    They add a sense of adventure which will increase your team’s excitement, leadership and morale.

Team building activities should be fun. When you’re on a boat or a plane, you’ll already have an excited team in the right frame of mind to connect and work together.  Create unforgettable memories for your team that keep them passionate about their work and the company they are working for.  The connections built and the lessons learned will be carried through to the workplace in ways you never imagined.

Want to plan an event that is similar to what is outlined above, but don’t have the time or know where to start?  That’s where we come in.  We’ve already planned team building events for you.  Our exclusive events, curated by the Event Experts at SHWorldwide, are now available for purchase through BienVenue, your online marketplace for events in Seattle and surrounding areas.

What do we do? Our experienced event managers secure the best event venues and dream up the perfect details to bring memorable events to life for you. All details are confirmed with our preferred suppliers and you don't have to make a single call. 

What do you do? Select your date, make your deposit online, and invite your guests!

Check out BienVenue’s current limited edition featured events at